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She's one-of-a-kind! Talented and fun to be around. A lovely combination!

living.jpgDee Dee and her husband, Russ, made a name for themselves in the gospel group "Living Truth." Their extensive travels exposed many audiences to Dee Dee and her wonderful musical talent. (The image on the right shows the four members of Living Truth from that period. Back then they had a 33.3 LP Record... NOT tape, CD, or DVD but a vinyl RECORD.)

Dee Dee currently is available either as a solo act or with the trio known as Sonas.

Her main instrument is the hammered dulcimer, but the pure haunting sound of her penny whistle, or the fun contribution from her hurdy gurdy, or one of the other dozens of instruments that she's mastered provide a unforgetable musical experience.

Read her personal history by clicking on the link on the left.

* * N E W S * *

Dee Dee has just released a new CD, "From the Inside... Looking Out." This wonderful musical creation includes contributions from her talented family: daughters Melody and Megan Tibbits and husband Russ Tibbits. Her friend Steve Schneider also contributed his talent to the project.

The selections are widely diverse, from jigs and reels, an old Irving Berlin "standard," and many of DeeDee's original compositions (including a fun, calypso-sounding "Impilo").

You can read a review by Debbie Mietig:

Review of "From the Inside... Looking Out"

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